Henry Okurut & Camille Lanci


La lutte du royaume contre la soif

Une agriculture à réinventer

«ArcInfo» au Cameroun: les visages de Yaoundé

A Yaoundé, une population pauvre et « oubliée » s’étale dans des zones dangereuses

Henry Okurut & Camille Lanci

Henry Okurut
My name is Henry Okurut, a journalist from the Republic of Uganda in the Eastern Part of Africa. By God’s Grace, I boast of 11 [eleven] years of experience in journalism having begun my career and practice in 2013 shortly after my graduation from University. During this period, I have accomplished various assignments covering news and feature stories in the general field and at some point in some specific beats. I have also profiled several personalities both of low and high esteem some of whom have formed the basis for follow up stories [Day Two Journalism]. Covering reporting and creating awareness on climate change has been one of my passions. In doing this, I have highlighted alternative sources of energy in Uganda other than charcoal and firewood; I have broadcast disaster occurrences resulting from environmentally unfriendly causes. These include floods resulting from increasing population growth which has led to encroachment wetlands, lakeshores and river banks. Improper urban management as well as waste management have also been produced and broadcast by myself. This I have done besides other thematic areas including the rule of law, road safety, mob justice, dispalcement, refugee occurrence as well patients’ rights among others. All these have been possible because of the practical skills I have gained over the years which I proudly possess. These include: descriptive news writing, video, audio and graphics editing as well as voicing.
Camille Lanci
À 28 ans, Camille Lanci est journaliste radio à Genève pour la RTS. Passionnée par les sujets politiques, environnementaux et internationaux, elle s’efforce de fournir des reportages informatifs. Son objectif est de contribuer à une meilleure compréhension des enjeux actuels pour le public suisse.

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