EssentialTech: Addressing Africa’s essential health needs

Un reportage EQDA Early June, I was in Switzerland for an exchange programme with a number of journalists from across the world. The trip was organized by EQDA, and sponsored by SDC among others. While in Switzerland, a country  which like Rwanda is referred to as the land of 1000 hills, I visited many interesting […]

Exploring the Rwanda of Europe

Un reportage EQDA They always said ‘Rwanda is the Switzerland of Africa’ and in June I was in Switzerland , among other things, to find out what they meant by this statement. Apart from the neat streets and the good reception I received when I got to Geneva, nothing really looked like my lovely Rwanda […]

Horyou-proof that social good is possible

Un reportage EQDA Over the past 21 years, Dr George Bwelle, a Cameroonian surgeon and his non-profit organisation, ASCOVIME, has provided free medical care to more than 125,000 patients in Cameroon. Bwelle and 220,000 other people with good deeds belong to a non-profit social network for social good called, Horyou. That number might sound so […]

Why you shouldn’t trust technology

Un reportage EQDA Today, the world is moving faster than ever. Everyday a new idea is brought to reality. Technology is part of our daily life and it seems we cannot run away from it. Stephane Kohr is an information security expert. He trains journalist and human rights activists how to secure their information and […]