Swiss MP: Armenia’s “Putinization” is in progress

Swiss MP: Armenia’s “Putinization” is in progress


YEREVAN. – 168 Zham daily spoke with Swiss Parliament member Dominique de Buman, who is also head of the Swiss-Armenian Parliamentary Group. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

“Armenia did not sign the EU [European Union] Association Agreement, and it is preparing to become a member of the [Russia-led] Eurasian Union. In such conditions, is it realistic to hope that you [i.e., Switzerland] can contribute in any way to the development of democracy in Armenia?

“This certainly cannot directly impact Armenian-Swiss relations, specifically, since Switzerland itself is not a member of the European Union. But such a deepening of relations between Armenia and Russia is not a good thing from the viewpoint of the evolution of democracy. Now, Armenia’s ‘Putinization’ is in progress. This is my personal opinion.”

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Babken Tunyan

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Babken Tunyan

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